Day 180 – London, England

This morning we hopped on a thirteen hour Qantas flight heading to London. Our journey was long and exhausting (being on a plane for more than six hours is simply uncomfortable). On a positive note, we did gain seven hours by traveling westward so we arrived in London in the early afternoon. Despite being quite tired, we decided to check-in our bags at the train station’s baggage store and go out exploring London. First we visited the British Museum and then we walked around central London. London seems like a wonderful city. Tonight we are heading to Ireland, the first country on our four month European itinerary.


(British Museum)


(Central London)



4 Responses to “Day 180 – London, England”

  1. vernon &evelyn jack Says:

    you move fast,London already. pretty warm here. Matt making big plans for his coming wedding.

  2. On behalf of TSI, pls be sure to have the following in Ireland:

    1. Pint of Guiness
    2. Lamb Stew
    3. Soda bread (you’ll appreciate other bread after eating this)

    Safe travels!

    PS – we need you back here @ TSI…lots of work to do 🙂

    • Thanks Dan… I will make sure to try all three.

      I miss working for TSI… I hope there is plenty of work when I get back 🙂

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