Day 153 – Nara, Japan

Today Ryan and I took a day trip to Nara, Japan’s first capital city. Nara boasts eight World Heritage sites, four of which are located in the beautiful Nara Park. As we toured Nara’s historic temples and shrines (from the Tempyo Period), we saw gorgeous deer everywhere. Nara Park is truly a natural treasure. Ryan and I had a great time exploring this ancient city. We met a ton of Japanese students (kids love us for some reason) who were also visiting Nara to learn about its historical importance.

(Five-Story Pagoda and Tokon-do Hall)


(Todaiji Temple)


(Great Bell)


(Nigatsu-do Hall)


(Kasuga Taisha Shrine)


(Gangoji Temple)





4 Responses to “Day 153 – Nara, Japan”

  1. I thought the deer were statues at first until I looked closer. Some still look like statues though. How nice it is to see deer running around and chilling instead of being terrified they’ll be hunted down. (Sorry, the vegetarian in me spoke up.) Anyway, great photos. I’ve seen deer two times in my life–one running through trees at night in Marquette, Michigan (where hunting is serious) and another one who trotted across the street when I was in Atlanta. I was so stunned to see it that I stopped talking and just admired it.

    • They do look awfully statuesque… it was so nice being able to come up to them, feed them, and pet them. They are very domesticated and there are tons of them everywhere (hunting is strictly forbidden in Nara Park). Montie… you should go for a bike ride on the Des Plaines River trail… you can spot some gorgeous deer there.

  2. Aunt Jan Says:

    What is the significance of the pile of sticks with wording?

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