Day 151 – Himeji, Japan

The rail system here in Japan is absolutely awesome! Today we took our first ride on the Shinkansen, Japan’s high speed train. We went to Himeji to visit Japan’s largest castle (Himeji Castle). Although a great part of the exterior of this World Heritage site was under construction, we did get to go inside to see the inner walls of this amazing structure. After touring the Castle grounds, we visited the GORGEOUS Koko–En Gardens. Ryan and I absolutely love Japanese architecture and approach toward landscaping (it is simple, elegant, and very natural).



(Himeji Castle)


(Koko–En Gardens)



6 Responses to “Day 151 – Himeji, Japan”

  1. The yellow/blue/white flower bloom is beautiful. I’m not even a plant person, but that caught my idea immediately. I’d be doing a lot of what Ryan is doing–sitting and admiring. As far as the rail system, here I was all excited to see photos of Metra’s quiet car station. I wonder if Chicago could get the speed trains would people be less likely to talk on their phones so loud and long. We’d get to our destinations too quickly. What was it like inside them? Was it a peaceful ride or loud?

    • Hey Montie… I was thinking the same thing. We should replace our Metra trains in Chicago with high speed rail. You can easily cut down a 55 minute train ride to 10 minutes. How awesome would that be? I think that if people could get downtown from the suburbs in 10 minutes, they would skip driving (thus avoiding traffic and the stress that comes with it). On the Shinkansen, talking on cell phones is prohibited. All mobile phones must be silenced as a courtesy to fellow passengers. The Japanese people are extremely polite and courteous so they don’t break this rule. Our train ride on the Shinkansen was FAST, smooth, and relaxing. Love it!!! 🙂

  2. Unbelievable photos – very talented

  3. Aunt Jan Says:

    The train looks like fun!!!

    Great pix of the garden!

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