Day 149 – Arashiyama, Japan

Today we headed for the outskirts of Kyoto to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty. We took a train to Arashiyama, an enchanting town located near the hills. I was thrilled to spend my Birthday walking through bamboo forests, enjoying gorgeous Japanese gardens, and appreciating the scenic beauty around me. During our walking tour of Arashiyama, we visited the historic Tenryuji Temple which was designated a World Heritage site due to its spectacular Japanese garden. Being in nature and seeing Japan’s more rural side was amazing. I could only imagine how gorgeous Arashiyama is during autumn.

(Tenryuji Temple and Garden)


(Bamboo Grove)


(Other scenery during our walking tour of Arashiyama)


(Lake Osawa)



2 Responses to “Day 149 – Arashiyama, Japan”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Beautiful serene settings!!! I hope there was a slight breeze, so you could hear the music from the bamboo trees. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your birthday!

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