Day 148 – Kyoto, Japan

What a wonderful day of sightseeing! Kyoto is simply delightful. We began the day by visiting Nijo Castle, a World Heritage site featuring splendid Japanese art and gorgeous gardens. Nijo Castle was the Kyoto residence of the Shoguns. Next we visited Nishi Hongwanji, a Buddhist temple complex which was absolutely stunning (also a World Heritage site). Per the recommendation of the Kyoto City Tourism Association, we took a walking tour of the very historic Shimabara neighborhood (a former entertainment district). We concluded the day by visiting the beautiful Koshoji temple.

(Nijo Castle)


(Nishi Hongwanji)


(Walking Tour of Shimabara)





7 Responses to “Day 148 – Kyoto, Japan”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Even though it’s not June 4th here, we wish you a Happy Birthday, Jola! What a beautiful place to spend your special day! Your pictures are amazing! Everything seems so lush and manicured.

    We’ll be ready for that discussion and Italian food!

  2. The chandelier artwork is beautiful. Nice! Well, Jolanta, I get these alerts from my job everyday, and there’s no way in the world I’ll be checking my e-mail from home on 90 degree days in Chicago (you know we celebrate those whenever we get them!). With that said, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! (I never forget your birthday because it’s the same day as my nephews.) So if I don’t post anything tomorrow, lucky you for spending your birthday in Japan. Sweeeeeeet!

  3. Jola, Thanks for sharing your pictures and your journey with the world. I have enjoyed it immensely.

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