Day 147 – Kyoto, Japan

We departed Osaka this morning and headed to Kyoto. Our train ride was under 30 minutes due to Japan’s AWESOME high speed rail network. Upon arriving, we dropped off our bags and began exploring our neighborhood (Central Kyoto). We walked quite a ways down Sanjo Dori Road and then walked to Nijo Castle (but we did not go inside since it was close to closing time by the time we got there). We proceeded to visit the Teramachi Shopping Arcade which is a very historic area of Kyoto. There are many beautiful temples and shrines there (we especially loved the Honnoji Temple). On a different note, Ryan and I continue to be popular with Asia’s youth. Today was “fieldtrip day” for many schools so we met a ton of friendly students while sightseeing. We concluded the day by enjoying a delicious Japanese bento box dinner and soaking at our hotel’s onsen.

(Sanjo Dori Road)


(Kyoto City Hall)


(Honnoji Temple)


(Teramachi Shopping Arcade)




(Kyoto Station)



2 Responses to “Day 147 – Kyoto, Japan”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    What a world of difference between India and Japan! I didn’t see any trash, and you actually have sidewalks. Wouldn’t it be great if all cities were so clean?

    • Japan is pristine (absolutely spotless). .. which is a polar opposite from India. Because the Japanese population is highly educated, they understand the implications of bad hygiene and environmental destruction. When you look at cities such as Bangalore (one of the most educated cities in India) you definitely see a trend towards cleanliness. The rest of India is slowly making strides but they still have a LONG way to go. For example, Varanasi was extremely dirty but it was such a gem of city. The other factor that comes into play is a functioning government. Japan’ government is extremely effective while India’s is not so much. We’ll have an in depth discussion on this when Ryan and I get back (over some Italian pasta at Bottaio’s). Love and hugs from Japan!!!!

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