Day 141 – Bangalore, India

After a relaxing day yesterday, today we decided to be a bit more active by doing some sightseeing. First we visited The Bull Temple which is home to one of the biggest Nandi statues in the world. Nandi was Lord Shiva’s transport animal so it is worshiped and considered sacred by Hindus. Next we proceeded to Tipu’s Palace, a very beautiful summer guest house commissioned by Tipu Sultan. Once we were done admiring Tipu’s Palace, we caught a rickshaw to Lalbagh Botanic Garden. Lalbagh is an incredibly serene place (with gorgeous old trees and lush greenery everywhere). We concluded the day by enjoying some delicious dosas at MTR. Since this historic restaurant was quite busy, we ended up sharing a table with two very friendly locals whom we befriended. The older gentleman at our table was the embodiment of South Indian hospitality. He shared his sightseeing recommendations with us and at the end of the meal he insisted on picking up our tab (he would not budge). Ryan and I were completely blown away by his kindness.

(The Bull Temple)


(Other temples nearby)


(Tipu’s Palace)


(Lalbagh Botanical Garden)



4 Responses to “Day 141 – Bangalore, India”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:


  2. Malgorzata Says:

    Hi Jola and Ryan,
    We are keeping up to date with your travels. We feel like we are there through your pictures. We hope you feel as well as you look. Go forward in your travels, and we’ll be sure to keep up to date.

    Trzymajcie sie zdrowo,
    Zbyszek, Malgosia, Alex i Natalia 🙂 buziaki

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