Day 129 – Udaipur, India

Last night we departed Jaipur by train. Since we found it difficult to sleep during our journey, we were quite exhausted this morning. Upon arriving in Udaipur, we checked into our hotel and went straight to bed to catch up on some Zs. It was not until 2pm that we ventured out. Udaipur is an extremely charming town with its small winding roads, cute shops, and art galleries. We spent the afternoon walking around the area our hotel is located in (sightseeing and shopping mostly). Today’s highlight was meeting a local artist who painted a miniature elephant on my fingernail for good luck. In the evening, we enjoyed an outdoors dinner at a delicious rooftop Italian restaurant.

(Udaipur – aerial view from our hotel)


(Lal Ghat)


(Lake Palace)


(Jagdish Mandir)


(Miniature art)



2 Responses to “Day 129 – Udaipur, India”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Does the elephant painting mean that you won’t wash your hand? Just kidding! Looks like a nice town!

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