Day 123 – New Delhi, India

We headed to the airport early today to address a ticketing issue with American Airlines and to pick up our close friend Dori. Upon arriving at the airport we were told that AA’s ticketing office does not yet exist. This was contradictory to what we were told over the phone (nice!). Since we were quite a bit early, we spent some time outside waiting for Dori’s arrival. The Delhi airport is very restricted. Visitors are not allowed to go inside unless they pass bag check and pay a ridiculous fee for the “honor” of being inside (a visitor’s ticket is only good for 2 hours). We did meet a fellow American outside from San Francisco with whom we enjoyed conversing. Closer to Dori’s arrival time, we paid the fee and went inside to greet our good friend at international arrivals.



2 Responses to “Day 123 – New Delhi, India”

  1. What’s inside the airport that’s so honorable? The statues you took a photo of? If you don’t mind my asking, I am curious what the fee is (converted to American dollars). I hope O’Hare and Midway don’t get any ideas!

    • There is absolutely nothing honorable about it… the fee for both Ryan and I was $160 rupees (which is like $4 but that’s a lot by India’s standards – you can get a full meal here for 40 rupees).

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