Day 114 – Varanasi, India

Our second day in India was wonderful. The holy and ancient city of Varanasi is situated right on the banks of the Ganges River. It is a pilgrimage destination for many Hindus who come here to take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. After enjoying a delicious brunch at a local café, we took a stroll along the Ganges and visiting the various ghats on the river. We walked through the charming alleys of Old Varanasi and took in the local sounds, smells, and colors of this intoxicating city.



(Tonight’s dinner… )



8 Responses to “Day 114 – Varanasi, India”

  1. Last picture: “Oh thank God! they have Pepsi!”

  2. Ryan Horath Says:

    Tell me about it! Not only do they have Pepsi, but it’s 1) in a glass bottle, and 2) COLD. India is like heaven for Pepsi. In China, Tibet, and Nepal, Pepsi was almost always warm, which is a little strange given that colas were designed to drink cold – they taste gross warm. In China you could find a slightly cold Pepsi if you looked around for hours. In Tibet it was impossible. In Nepal I can understand, since every city has rolling blackouts and each building only gets power for 8 hours a day. Hard to keep Pepsi cold that way. Give me COLD Pepsi in a glass bottle for 40 cents and I can ignore the cow pies on the road and the dust so thick you can choke on it. When I tire of Pepsi, I’ll have to try some Thumbs Up!

  3. I’m eyeing that bread awfully hard. Yum! Is that water as dirty as it looks? (Sorry, don’t mean to be disrespectful, but the water looks grimy. Then again, Lake Michigan isn’t exactly pure.)

  4. Aunt Jan Says:

    I think of Ryan every day, as I sip my cold Pepsi!!! LOL!!!

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