Day 110 – Pokhara, Nepal

This morning we said goodbye to Kathmandu and headed for our next destination, Pokhara. Our eight hour bus ride through Nepal was EXTREMELY scenic. Upon arriving in Pokhara, we dropped off our bags and immediately began exploring the city since we only have a couple of days here. We walked to the beautiful Fewa Lake (the main tourist attraction here) and also visited Davis Falls. Taking the local bus to Davis Falls was a priceless experience (Bollywood music blasted on the speakers as the locals smiled at us).

(Scenery along the way during our bus ride to Pokhara)


(Fewa Lake)


(Davis Falls)


(Local bus in Pokhara)



4 Responses to “Day 110 – Pokhara, Nepal”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    The first bus/van looks as if it came out of the ’60’s! Way cool…!

    The lake area looks beautiful and peaceful.

    • Those are TATA semi-trucks… they are extremely colorful (decorated with pictures of Hindu gods and wise sayings)…

      The lake truly is beautiful… it is the second largest lake in Nepal.

  2. bharat.s.katkar Says:

    i like nepal very much little heven on the earth

    • Jolanta Pomiotlo Says:

      I agree… it is an extremely beautiful country. The border region with Tibet is especially gorgeous.

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