Day 107 – Kathmandu, Nepal

I would like to begin today’s blog entry by thanking Pumpernickel Café for not serving their coffee too hot. Due to a wobbly tray, I accidentally spilled a freshly made hot latte all over my stomach and lap this morning at breakfast. If the coffee were any hotter, I could have ended up with severe burns. Thanking my lucky stars, I happily embarked on a “walk of shame” in wet shorts and t-shirt back to my hotel. After washing up and changing clothes, we began exploring Kathmandu by foot. We visited the Narayanhiti Palace Museum, Rani Pokhari, and walked through some interesting areas of the city.

(Rani Pokhari)


(Narayanhiti Palace Museum)


(A local mosque)


(Clock Tower by a university)


(Kantipath Street)



3 Responses to “Day 107 – Kathmandu, Nepal”

  1. I feel your pain. That happened to me once. I was wearing an all white outfit (from head to toe, including white heels), missed my mouth and splashed hot chocolate all over my clothes. I can’t tell what color you were wearing, but I’m sure we both looked pretty darn fancy in our Beverage Fashion.

    • Beautiful photos (as usual). Oh, and did I mention I had to sit through a performance with those white clothes? You lucked out to be able to go back to change first. Me? Not so much. Two hours of Hot Chocolate Fashion.

      • LOL… thanks Montie… it is comforting to know that I am not the only one who has experienced such humiliation (although I think you wearing white and not having the opportunity to change your clothes sort of outranks my situation). As I walked to my hotel in my wet pants (not a short distance I might add), I’m almost sure the locals thought I peed my pants. Oh well… memories 🙂

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