Day 100 – Tibet (Lake Namtso)

Today we ventured into rural Tibet to visit Lake Namtso (the highest salt water lake in the world). Our four hour drive to the Lake took us though some very remote areas of Tibet. It was so incredible seeing the local villagers go about their daily lives. We saw nomad tribes who still live in yak tents and burn yak dung for heat. At one point on our journey, we reached an altitude of 17,028 feet where we walked around and froze our buns off (it’s quite cold at such heights). Although Lake Namtso is frozen at this time of the year, its location is absolutely breathtaking so it was definitely worth the trip.

(Lake Namtso)


(Me at 17,028 feet)


(Scenery along the way)



4 Responses to “Day 100 – Tibet (Lake Namtso)”

  1. yakity yak don’t talk back 🙂

  2. Aunt Jan Says:

    Seeing the snow reminds me that it snowed in Chicago and north today (Monday, April 18). Wisconsin may see another 6 inches of the white stuff this week on top of the 6 inches they got over the weekend. Unbelievable weather for April. Did you have any trouble with the altitude?

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