Day 96 and 97 – In Transit to Tibet

We departed Xining yesterday afternoon and spent 24 hours on an INCREDIBLE train ride to Lhasa, Tibet. The scenery along the way was magnificent; the Tibetan plateau is absolutely gorgeous. At one point during our journey, the train reached an altitude of 17,000 feet. Since our rail car was oxygenated, we were able to tolerate such heights (this was probably the highest above sea level on land we’ve been in our lives). After our extremely scenic train ride, we arrived in Lhasa where we were greeted by our Tibetan guide and taken to our hotel. Later we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Dico’s and then walked around a local market, which was lovely.

(Scenery along the way)

IMG_6035IMG_6090IMG_6120IMG_6131IMG_6135IMG_6158IMG_6179IMG_6180IMG_6190Yaks everywhere…IMG_6204IMG_6214

(Local market in Lhasa)



4 Responses to “Day 96 and 97 – In Transit to Tibet”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    Yaks everywhere! Reminds me of “Old MacDonald. Here a yak, there a yak, everywhere a yak, yak!” LOL

    Everyone’s bundled up!!!

  2. Nancy Chavez Says:

    Wow! Tibet looks amazing 🙂

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