Day 95 – Xining, China

Since we saw pretty much everything there is to see in Xining yesterday, today was devoted to relaxation. We slept in, finished our laundry, and began filing our 2010 tax returns (blah). Since many websites are blocked in China (due to the “Great Firewall of China”) we were glad that H&R Block’s site was accessible. Tomorrow afternoon we’re heading to Tibet so we’re very EXCITED!!!!


8 Responses to “Day 95 – Xining, China”

  1. You’ve got a lot of heart. I would avoid doing my taxes on vacation like the plague. Every time I do them, I end up in a bad mood because I owe. The Feds seem to think freelance writing pays the big bucks. Add in a FT job, and they really rob you blind. *sigh* I hope you made off better.

  2. Aunt Jan Says:

    I finished Mother’s tax forms in an hour, so now I have to finish our forms. I definitely don’t like tax time!!!

    Here’s to Tibet!

  3. Satya Kharkar Says:

    It’s sad to view those stupid tax forms while on a world tour 😉

  4. Boo to filing taxes!! 🙂

    China looks awesome. Loved the pictures of the wall!!

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