Day 93 – Xian, China

We spent our last day in Xian exploring the city by foot. Some say that you have not been to China until you’ve visited Xian. After walking through the ShuYuan Ancient Street and the Muslim Quarter today, I may have to agree. These areas were bustling with local food, crafts, and culture. Tonight we depart Xian by train and head for our next destination, Xining.

(Bell Tower)


(Drum Tower)


(ShuYuan Ancient Street)


(The South Gate of the city walls)


(Muslim Quarter)


(A sign on a local children’s school…)



2 Responses to “Day 93 – Xian, China”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    There seems to be a lot of color–signs, banners, cars, scooters, etc.

    The scene along the outside wall reminds me of the stands along the Seine River in Paris!!! It’s interesting how cultures seem to intermingle.

    • Thanks aunt Jan… yes Xian is pretty colorful but at the same time it is VERY polluted (the worst we’ve seen in China thus far). We literally experienced an acid rain drizzle upon our arrival. Our rain coats and hiking bags were covered in tiny dirt dots from the rain drops.

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