Day 85 – Goodbye Shanghai, hello Beijing!

Today we said goodbye to Shanghai and hopped on a high speed train to Beijing. Our ten hour train ride zipped by fairly quickly. During our journey, we observed and appreciated China’s landscape. As we passed by various cities and villages, a common theme emerged… construction! China is in the midst of unprecedented change.



4 Responses to “Day 85 – Goodbye Shanghai, hello Beijing!”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    China is one of the countries with $$ right now!

    You may want to buy some inexpensive nose/mouth masks for your travels in China, as the smog can get oppressive. Whenever you see most of the locals masking up, you know it’s time to do the same!

    • Good advice aunt Jan… clean air is definitively lacking here in China (although it is not as bad as I was expecting… Bangkok was way worse).

  2. J – it looks like you are having an incredible journey…Your pictures are incredible.

    Enjoy every second of it.

    We at TSI miss you 🙂

    Cheers – Dan

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