Day 79 – Hong Kong, China

Today we continued to explore Hong Kong. We began the day by taking the ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, the financial district of HK. After walking around the Central District, we took the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak for AMAZING panoramic views of the city. We then walked around the Causeway Bay area, where we saw many young professionals get off of work with their “TGIF” faces on. Hong Kong is a very active city filled with TONS of people, the streets are literally packed.

(Victoria Peak)


(Central District)


(Causeway Bay)


(In the subway)


(Kowloon in the evening)



15 Responses to “Day 79 – Hong Kong, China”

  1. Aunt Jan Says:

    I’m renaming the city to Wall of People!!!

  2. Hong Kong looks very modern and fun. I love your pictures Jola and Woj. Enjoy your trip and send me incredible pictures when given the opportunity to visit Great Wall of China.

  3. That “TGIF” comment made me laugh. I remember sitting on an el train on my way home from work, and this guy burst out, “This is the lamest train car ever. Why is it so quiet? Did work kick y’all’s a**?” Nobody responded. Why? We had our TGIF face but also our STETR (shut up, enjoy the ride) faces, too. Anyway, I’m still reading (and falling behind again), but I did add you to my latest “Five things I’m obsessed with” list: I’m trying to do one of these every Thursday night, and your blog had to be mentioned. You’re going to love reading through these years later in life. I think this is just as good if not better than scrapbooking.

  4. Julie Hastings Says:

    Loving the adventure with you…thanks for sharing.
    China is near the top of my “must” get to places, so loving the photos and look forward to more.
    Stay safe!

  5. Len Green Says:

    I land there April 16 and have the 17th open, maybe some of the 18th. What do you suggest I do in that short time?

    • There are two “must dos” while in Hong Kong. You simply MUST view Hong Kong Island’s skyline at night from Kowloon and take the Peak Tram to Victoria Peak (also to view the skyline but from a higher vantage point). Besides these two activities, just walk around the city and enjoy the massive crowds of people 🙂

      • Len Green Says:

        Thanks – your comment about “walk around the city and enjoy the massive crowds” reminds me of the Crocodile Dundee move line where he is totally overawed by the crowds on the Manhattan sidewalks. He turns to his host says “So many people here, they really must like each other a lot.” 🙂

      • LOL… I am use to big crowds but the crowds you encounter in China are like nothing else you’ve experienced before. I’ll compare it to visiting the Taste of Chicago on July 4th (the busiest weekend).


    enjoying all the pictures. That train ride must have been quite a thrill.

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