Day 72 – Bangkok, Thailand

Today we spent half of the day in transit from Chiang Mai to Bangkok as our train was delayed by seven hours due to engine problems. Our 14 hour train ride turned into a 21 hour adventure… blah! Because we arrived in Bangkok so late, we had to alter our plans a little bit. Instead of heading to Cambodia today, we will be traveling there tomorrow instead (since one is unable to cross the border after 5pm). After enjoying a yummy Thai lunch, we headed to the American Airlines office to finish altering our travel plans to Japan (which was a major pain). We then checked into our hotel, dropped off our bags, and began exploring the bustling streets of Bangkok.



6 Responses to “Day 72 – Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. We’re happy to know that you altered your plans. Whoever would have thought that there would be so much devastation in Japan?

    Bangkok looks somewhat gaudy, but I know it’s a popular place. Be careful!!!

  2. Are you going someplace new or just jumping to ur next planned destination?


    you may want to stall japan off longer. bad deal there. radiation very scary. who is an expert?

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