Day 47 – Goodbye Singapore, hello Malaysia!

Today we said goodbye to Singapore and headed for Malaysia. Our four and a half hour coach bus ride to Melaka went by pretty fast. Upon arriving in Melaka, we threw our bags down and went on a hunt for sustenance. We found Selvam, a local establishment which was highly recommended by our guide books. I proclaim that today I had the best tandoori chicken and garlic naan in the world (it was SPECTACULAR!). After dinner, we took a stroll through historic Chinatown where we enjoyed the night market.

(Scenery from bus while driving through Malaysia – palm trees everywhere)




(Melaka’s historic Chinatown)



2 Responses to “Day 47 – Goodbye Singapore, hello Malaysia!”

  1. Jolanta
    Did you realize that you are actually visiting every country where our most recent client has acquired/started up? You are 4 for 4 with Oz, NZ, Singapore and Malaysia. Keep going to Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines:)
    We are now working with John Bosshart and his team on a rapid rollout of a SaaS accounting system with a very aggressive timeline-27 countries by June 3rd! Dan and Stef have joined me on the PMO team to help get this done and it is, naturally, going at frantic speed!
    If you want to be involved in the other countries that are being implemented later, better hurry up:)


    Enjoy the trip and keep the notes going

    • Hi Len,

      It’s a small world! That’s wonderful that you are continuing to work with John (he’s lucky to have you, Stef, and Dan on his side). Although your timeframe is very aggressive, with all hands on deck, nothing is impossible. Good luck! I’ll make sure to keep the blog current… thank you for following…


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