Day 41 – Sydney’s Bondi Beach

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Ryan and I had a fantastic Valentine’s Day in Sydney today. We spent the day at Bondi, home to the world famous and gorgeous Bondi beach. After being total beach bums, we walked around Bondi and then took a romantic stroll on the boardwalk along the shore to Tamaranda and Bronte beach. In the evening, we feasted on kangaroo meat for dinner (quite delicious), and had hazelnut gelato and vanilla cheesecake for dessert in the park.


(My funny Valentine)


(Bondi Beach)


(Along the Bondi boardwalk)



7 Responses to “Day 41 – Sydney’s Bondi Beach”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to the two of you, realizing that your day has already passed! Sydney looks like a beautiful place, with lots to do! What does kangaroo meat taste like???


    love you too evelyn. you have have nerve to eat kangaroo—did it jump around inside of you?

  3. Happy Valentines to u guys!! Yes, please tell us how kangaroo meat tastes!

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