Day 38 – Hello Sydney!

This morning we departed rainy Cairns and flew to Sydney. Our three hour Qantas flight went by VERY quickly (time flies when you’re in good company). We befriended Russ, an extremely friendly Australian from Melbourne with whom we had some excellent conversations. Upon arriving in Sydney we quickly dropped off our gear and began discovering the city by foot. Sydney is a very large and active city. It is bustling with people, cars, buses, and trains. As we initially strolled through Central Sydney, I must admit that I was not too impressed (it was ridiculously over-crowded and it smelt polluted – with cigarette smoke, bus fumes, etc.). As we continued walking towards the harbor, Sydney’s charms finally came alive.  Circular Quay, The Rocks, and Darling Harbor are very lovely areas of Sydney.

(Sydney Opera House from Circular Quay – )


(Sydney Harbor Bridge)


(Darling Harbor)



4 Responses to “Day 38 – Hello Sydney!”

  1. Some of the pix remind me of Navy Pier, but Australia is on a bigger scale. The picture of the two of you with the opera house in the background is awesome! With New Zealand and Sydney, you’re in some of the most beautiful parts of the world! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks grandpa… stay warm 🙂

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