Day 37 – Last day in Cairns

It rained all day in Cairns today (off and on) so it was the perfect time to do some laundry. While waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle, we dipped our feet in the pool. After addressing our “domestic duties”, we broke out the umbrella and hit the town on foot. We walked around Cairns docking into shops to avoid the rain. We then headed for the mall where we quickly discovered that Australian merchandise is quite expensive. On our way home, we stumbled upon a concert in the City Place. Naturally we stopped to enjoy the rich sounds of acoustic guitar.

(Waiting on laundry)


(Tropical fruit at Rusty’s Markets)


(Cairns Convention Centre)



4 Responses to “Day 37 – Last day in Cairns”

  1. Great job updating Jola!! The Great Barrier Reef area is beautiful….you did not happen to see any sharks did you? I think my brother has become a slacker on his postings!!

  2. Interesting road sign! It looks a bit confusing!

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