Day 35 – Australia’s Tropical Rainforests

What an INCREDIBLE day! Today we took the bus to the outskirts of Cairns to experience Australia’s Tropical Rainforests (which are more than 120 million years old, making them the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforests on earth). We purchased a ticket for the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway which took us over and through the Barron Gorge National Park. There were a couple of stops along the way where we got out and explored the rainforest. On our first stop, we followed a fantastic guide who took us on a little nature walk. The Skyrail dropped us off at Kuranda, an adorable little village in the rainforest. After walking around Kuranda, we took the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway back to Cairns. The two hours train ride was spectacular with its breathtaking scenery (especially of Barron Falls). On our way home from the Cairns Railway station we stumbled upon a Zumba class in the park which I just had to partake in. We then took a dip in the lagoon and headed off to a late dinner at the pub where we enjoyed some amazing live music while we ate.

(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)


(Kuranda Scenic Railway)



6 Responses to “Day 35 – Australia’s Tropical Rainforests”


    FINE ON RAIN FORESTS.enjoy it, tonight will be 3 degrees here

  2. You have some great shots of the rain forest! Definitely worth your time!

  3. I came back for a look and saw your Australia posts (missed most of Feb) – my fav place in the world. Melbourne was home for 3 yrs. Went on the Kuranda railway last year with Rohan so we were reminiscing. Have fun – wherever you are today 🙂

    • Hey Madhavi… I would have to say that Melbourne was probably my favorite city in Australia. It reminded me so much of Chicago and the people there were so incredible nice. I could definitely see myself spending three years there 🙂

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