Day 30 – Goodbye New Zealand, hello Australia!

Today we said goodbye to gorgeous New Zealand and headed for Melbourne, Australia. Our Qantas flight was a pleasant three and a half hour journey (great service, food, and in-flight entertainment). Upon arriving in Melbourne, we quickly dropped off our baggage and began sightseeing (since we only have four nights here). We took a walking tour of this magnificent city which our guide book recommended. Based on what I have seen and felt thus far, I LOVE Melbourne! It possesses all of the great characteristics of Chicago (diversity, an amazing culinary scene, great architecture, a creative atmosphere, and very friendly people). As we sat by the river listening to an incredible street musician play his saxophone, we felt transported back home (to Chicago).

IMG_1661 IMG_1668IMG_1681IMG_1706IMG_1712IMG_1716IMG_1718


4 Responses to “Day 30 – Goodbye New Zealand, hello Australia!”

  1. Nancy Chavez Says:

    Wow… what a beautiful city!

  2. Oprah used a full week of air time to show photos and programs from her tour of Australia. You’re in for a real adventure! Beautiful architecture!

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