Day 27 – Auckland / Botany Town Centre

After three and a half weeks of outdoor adventures, I finally got the chance to visit a New Zealand mall today. I chose the recommended Botany Town Centre located in the suburbs of Auckland. It was fun browsing through the racks and comparing NZ prices to US prices (just an FYI, New Zealand is definitely much more expensive). We also got the chance to visit the tail end of Victoria Park Market, where I bought my husband a beautiful pounamu Maori pendant (which symbolizes power, authority, good luck, and fertility). On a different note, we returned our rental car today so we’re officially foot soldiers from this point forward. It’s amazing what beautiful things you stumble upon while walking through the nooks and crannies of a big city.

(A statue in the Auckland Domain)


(A beautiful staircase in the charming Parnell neighborhood)


(A silly husband)



4 Responses to “Day 27 – Auckland / Botany Town Centre”

  1. Too bad you’re leaving NZ!!! It certainly looks as if you’ve had fun, and the scenery is breath-taking. You’re going to miss the foot or two of snow we’re getting in the next 2 days. Beware of the cyclone and flooding in Australia. There’s an island in Australia where the penguins march every evening at sundown. Is it on your itinerary?

    • Hi aunt Jan… we will definitely miss the gorgeousness of New Zealand. Unfortunately we won’t be visiting any Australian islands (we only have two weeks there). Stay warm through the snow storms!!!

  2. Yabba dabba doooooo, Ryan!

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