Day 20 – Queenstown (the adrenalin capital of the world)

The strenuous activities over the past five days have understandably left us feeling quite soar, but we are recovering quickly. Today we “slowly” walked around Queenstown. Queenstown is a very chic city located on Lake Wakatipu (it has modern architecture, youthfulness, and a charming atmosphere). The city is lined with many interesting stores, restaurants, and cafes. We strolled by the harbor, the city center, and garden (where I hugged a massive sequoia tree). The day ended on the rocky beaches of Lake Wakatipu where we relaxed and took in some rays of sunshine.





5 Responses to “Day 20 – Queenstown (the adrenalin capital of the world)”

  1. You are definitely dwarfed by the tree!!!

  2. The flower shot and the mountain shot look like postcards. I told you before that some of your photos should be sold as greeting cards. I’m going to get you a Hallmark contract pronto! J/K

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