Day 14 – Te Anau (getting ready for the Milford Track)

Today was devoted to preparation. Ryan and I are about to embark on the GREATEST WALK IN THE WORLD tomorrow (we begin the Milford Track). We are both extremely excited as this four day hike through Fiordland National Park was the magnet which attracted us to New Zealand. We arrived in Te Anau today, a lovely little town located by the second largest lake in New Zealand (Lake Te Anau). It is also the launching point for the world famous Milford Track. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving civilization and entering nature’s majestic beauty. PLEASE NOTE: There will be no new blog posts over the next five days.

(Scenic drive to Te Anau).


(Lake Te Anau – note: the clouds are covering some gorgeous mountains in this picture)



6 Responses to “Day 14 – Te Anau (getting ready for the Milford Track)”

  1. good luck on your milford hike. will be looking for you when you get back

    vernon and evelyn

  2. Be careful!! Have fun too 😉 Look forward to your post when you get back to modern life! LOL

  3. Great pictures, great adventures! We’ve also been to both islands and our nephew and family live in Auckland. My brother-in-law & wife are also visiting NZ on their yacht. You may remember my husband is Australian and so was my mother. I’m blessed to be at Walgreens EDI Supply Chain – permanent position. We’re headed back to Aust. in about 5 years to retire. Don’t miss the Queenstown area. -Betty

    • Hello Betty!!! Very cool… I’m in Queenstown at this very moment. We arrived tonight 🙂 The Milford Track (and Milford Sound) was AMAZING!!! I love New Zealand… our next destination is Australia (Feb 3rd)…

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