Day 5 – Whakarewarewa + SPA

One cannot visit Rotorua and not bathe in the region’s healing thermal waters (rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, and sulphur). Ryan and I spent this afternoon soaking at the Polynesian Spa, which is ranked as one of the top ten SPAs in the world. The Polynesian SPA was absolutely spectacular and now our bodies feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom (it was definitely worth blowing our budget for the day). While bathing in the many thermal pools the SPA offered, we enjoyed incredible views of Lake Rotorua. In the morning, we toured the Whakarewarewa Living Thermal Village. We learned about the Maori culture and saw an amazing cultural performance (the villagers performed the “haka”, a traditional Maori dance of intimidation that even the All Blacks, New Zealand’s rugby team, perform in front of the opposing team prior to a matchup).



6 Responses to “Day 5 – Whakarewarewa + SPA”

  1. ewwww…. ryan turned the water color 😉

  2. Guys, the trip looks amazing so far! Thanks for keeping us all up to date. It looks like you are having great weather – I hope that continues for the whole trip! That picture of Ryan is priceless – and that looks like a fabulous way to spend a day! So jealous :).

  3. Nancy Chavez Says:

    That spa looks amazing! Blowing the budget at a Spa ranked within the 10 in the world is definitely worth it 😀

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